I am a thirtysomething wife and mother finding joy in the journey with a myriad of health complications stemming from late stage Lyme disease. I am a creator, a challenge acceptor, an infertility survivor, a happiness pursuer, a sunshine seeker, a champion of kindness and an eternal optimist, living with the man of my dreams and my two miraculous and ridiculously adorable sons. It's a roller coaster ride, but I won't deny that I am blessed!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Our fifth Sunday third hour combined class today was on the topic of bullying. All of the youth and adults were invited to attend. It was a FANTASTIC meeting. I am a passionate proponent of USING THE INTERNET FOR GOOD! My favorite social media site is Instagram (www.instagram.com/hiyapapayamommy). I love the community there and feel like it is a wonderful place where people uplift and inspire each other. But I also realized today that I can do more. This, coupled with what I wrote earlier tonight about my desire to be better at journaling, are what led me to take up blogging again. One of the reasons I actually stopped blogging in the first place was because I experienced some cyber bullying a few years ago. I know this is a very real and very current topic - especially for youth. This video was shown today in our class. It is powerful in its message and it brought me to tears. I left the meeting today, leaned over to Jeff and fist pumped the air and said, "I vow to be a CHAMPION OF KINDNESS!" I challenge each of you to not only be kind, but to be a CHAMPION of kindness as well. It's not enough to simply not be a bully. We need to be proactive in spreading love.