I am a thirtysomething wife and mother finding joy in the journey with a myriad of health complications stemming from late stage Lyme disease. I am a creator, a challenge acceptor, an infertility survivor, a happiness pursuer, a sunshine seeker, a champion of kindness and an eternal optimist, living with the man of my dreams and my two miraculous and ridiculously adorable sons. It's a roller coaster ride, but I won't deny that I am blessed!

Monday, March 31, 2014


It's true that another one of the reasons I started blogging again was to share our journey through infertility. There are some pretty amazing things that are going to be happening in the coming months. We are still in the process of sharing everything with family members, so I will hold off on the blog posts for a bit. But just know that this is something I will be talking about quite a bit.