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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Why I'm staying away from Facebook today

I'm not usually on Facebook much anymore anyway.  I prefer Instagram and am now back into blogging. BUT on April 1st, I avoid Facebook at all costs.  And here is one of the main reasons why:


You know, I don't mind a good prank on April Fool's day. The kids in our neighborhood cut letter "E"s out of paper and then colored them brown and delivered them, calling them "brownies." (brown - E's) Now THAT is cute! They also put a sign on all the doors in the neighborhood saying "Garage Sale." Those things I don't mind. I think it's fun to wear your clothes backwards or put food coloring in the milk.  I can appreciate anything that doesn't cause harm or pain or discomfort.

What I don't like are lies. I don't think that, just because it's April 1st, anyone should have "creative license" to tell a flat out and blatant lie.  Lying is never okay. Even under the guise of "but it's just a joke." A lie is not a joke. A lie is a lie.

So all of those status updates on Facebook saying, "I'm engaged!" Or "I'm PREGNANT!" Those aren't funny. In fact, those can be (and usually are) really hurtful to people who are single and those struggling with infertility.

Just like the author in the article link I'm sharing said - the fortunate part is that people don't do this with the intent to hurt others. They're doing it because they honestly think it's funny. So I don't fault them for it. I don't blame them in their ignorance. But I think posts like this are immensely important just to make people more aware.

Now, don't think I'm an April Fool's Day scrooge!  I'm not.  I just ask that you are respectful and don't lie or cause harm on this day.

Okay - carry on with your harmless pranks … ;)